Take the Speed Test

  • Make sure you are the only person using the internet in your household while you take the speed test.
  • If you’re connected at school or work, please turn off your VPN while you take the speed test.
  • The address you enter into the survey once your speed test is complete should be the address where you are right now, unless you’re entering an address with no available service.
  • If your home has no internet options other than a cellphone or hotspot, please enter your address in the survey to the right and click the checkbox stating, “There is no internet service at this location.”
  • If you are able, plug in to a hardwired connection.
  • If you are able, move as close as you can to your router before taking the speed test.
  • The speed test will not automatically document your results. Please enter your speed test results in the survey form.
  • Click the “Go” button to start the test. You may take the test more than once but please record only one result per household.